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What is
Eye Hero?

Eye Hero is a computer- and tablet-based vision trainer for kids and adults who want to improve their vision. Visual skills, just like any other, can be trained to guarantee the best possible vision. The virtual training is performed for 30 minutes a day through playing interactive and intuitive games and exercises. These will help you train various visual skills including eye tracking, focusing, peripheral vision and others.

Per Day

Eye Hero takes only 30 minutes per day. The best part? Your patient can choose the time of training that best suits their schedule!

Broad Range
of Vision Problems

Eye Hero benefits also patients with a wide range of vision problems, including amblyopia, strabismus, convergence insufficiency and others!

Eye Hero Software Tablet With Girl

Engaging &

Through interactive games and personalized challenges, every session is beneficial and genuinely enjoyable!

Monitoring with
Doctor Portal

Connect your patients with your Doctor Portal, and monitor their progress remotely in real-time. Observe the progress, and control their compliance!


Currently, compliance with vision training homework is a big problem. With our engaging, easy-to-use system, they can achieve better results faster! Plus, increase your patient flow as our system allows you or your doctors to focus on the patient – not technology! All technical support is provided by our team.

Easy one-time setup
Improved compliance
Attract more patients
Increase your patient flow

4 Risk-Free Steps
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Simply submit your application to become an Eye Hero provider.


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Once your applicattion is received, our team will review and approve your request, ensuring you can begin utilizing Eye Hero’s innovative solutions to benefit your patients.



With approval secured, confidently prescribe Eye Hero to your patients through the Doctor Portal.


Monitor Remotely

Utilize the Eye Hero Doctor Portal to remotely monitor your patients’ progress, ensuring the highest vision training outcomes.

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Zero Investment

Start introducing Eye Hero to your patients today, earning commission from every transaction without any upfront investment required.

Exclusive benefits as an Eye Hero Provider

1 x Unlimited Eye Hero Demo Account.

1 x FREE 30-minute online training session for your team.

Priority Tech Support via [email protected].

Access to Eye Hero Doctor Portal for remote patient monitoring.

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