Eye Hero is a vision training and exercise program performed by playing different games to engage the user’s visual system on a tablet or a computer.

Easy to use




Eye Hero can help you motivate kids to perform their eye exercises which are crucial for well-developed vision. Using Eye Hero software, you can improve their COMPLIANCE!

Key benefits:

Currently, compliance with vision exercises at home is a big problem. With our engagingeasy-to-use system, they can achieve better results faster! On top of this, it does not bring additional workload so you can focus on what is important, and not on technology! All technical support is provided by our team!


Become Eye Hero Provider

Offer Eye Hero to your patients and help them overcome the daily struggle of performing vision exercises at home. We offer you, Eye Hero, at exclusive provider prices and with a variety of payment options and plans to help you get started with Eye Hero risk-free.

Your clinic will receive a demo of Eye Hero to showcase to your patients. Interested? Schedule a demo call to experience Eye Hero first-hand!

Monitoring Remotely

Our Doctor Portal allows you to keep track of how kids are using the software. You will be able to monitor if they use Eye Hero on a daily basis and how well they perform.

The system is easy-to-use and intuitive and can be accessed directly through any browser. Login at home or in the office!

How it works?

Eye Hero uses dichoptic approach with red-green glasses. These glasses allow us to split the image that each eye receives.

We can then make sure that each eye is exercising, and that they are training how to work together at the same time.

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