Exercise your vision

Just like other skills, our vision can be trained and improved with exercise! Eye Hero vision training is a perfect tool to help you do this through engaging games in the comfort of your home!



Home-Based Vision Training Software

Eye Hero is a computer– and tablet-based vision training for kids and adults who want to improve their vision by improving core visual skills. Just like other skills, our vision can be trained and exercised – all with the aim of guaranteeing you best possible vision.

Vision training is done for 30 minutes per day through interactive and intuitive games and exercises, which will train a plethora of visual skills including eye tracking, focusing, peripheral vision, and many others.


Create a subscription to Eye Hero, and gain access to the software and receive the red-green glasses to your doorstep within days.

Wait for Glasses

Once you create a subscription we kindly ask you to wait for glasses to arrive. Your subscription time starts once you activate the account with the code from the box*!


Once you have the app and red-green glasses ready, you can start training your vision on your device 30 minutes per day!

Unlock Your Vision with Games

Eye Hero offers 15 different activities which tackle different visual skills needed for a well-rounded and well-developed vision. Combining scientifically proven binocular mode of vision training using red-green glasses, and easy-to-use vision training app, you will see great results and improvements in record time.

When you subscribe to Eye Hero, we ship you red-green glasses needed for the training, and you can download and install Eye Hero app on all iPads, Android tablets, Windows PCs, and Mac computers meeting our system requirements.

Works for patients of all ages above the age of 4!


Vision training exercises for adults
Computer vision training for kids

Improving 6 core visual skills

Human vision is a complex system with countless moving pieces that have to fall into place perfectly. If the sync in any part is off, this might have consequences for your vision and how well you can perform your tasks and go about your every day life. 


With Eye Hero Vision Training, we break down the vision into 6 core visual skills that we help train and sync through regular exercises. This enables us to not only improve an individual vision problem, but also improve how well our vision functions as a whole! 

vision training for convergence


Ability of your eyes to move inward when looking at nearby objects. Indispensable with reading and work!

vision training for divergence


Ability of your eyes to move outward when looking at distant objects.

vision training for depth perception


Ability to discern whether objects are closer or farther away. Also know as stereovision, or 3D.

vision training for alignment


Ability of having both eyes pointed in the same direction.

vision training for recognition


Ability to track an object when it moves across the vision field.

vision training for eye movement


Movement enables clear vision and help stabilize image on retina.

our vision
as a whole

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